A weekend in Florence

Last weekend my fiancé played a rugby game in Florence and as you do when you live a couple of hours away, I booked a train ticket for the day. As I was thinking about how to spend my morning I realised that I've never actually written a post dedicated to Florence before! Well here we … Continue reading A weekend in Florence

The best time to visit Italy

Siena Cathedral. A common question frequently asked of me is when is the best time to visit Italy, or Europe and my answer is always the same — April, May and early June or late September and October. Personally, spring and autumn in Italy are my absolute favourite times of the year. Not only for … Continue reading The best time to visit Italy

Guest Interview – Wanderlust & Pasta


This week’s guest post comes from Amber, travel blogger behind Wanderlust & Pasta. She explains ‘I am currently living, breathing and eating all things Italian in Padova; a beautiful and charming city in northern Italy, about half an hour from Venice. Yep, you read that right! I literally live half an hour from Venice and yes, I still pinch myself every time I walk out of Venezia Santa Lucia station. Pretty sure it has the best train station views in the world but hey I might be biased. Having lived away from home now for several years, I thought it was about time I finally start a travel blog. I often get many questions and queries from family and friends about my life in Italy, my travels, why I move around a lot and the best places to visit in Italy so it seemed only fitting I compile all my adventures and tips in…

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7 ways Italians are different to Australians

IMG_5574 Living in Italy has some pretty amazing perks. The food, the history, the museums and churches, I mean do I really need to continue? But there is a big difference between traveling in Italy and living in Italy. As are there large differences between life back home in Australia and 'la dolce vita' here in Italia

My Italian Airbnb wish list

mirror2 These last couple of days I've found myself spending an unhealthy amount of time scrolling through Airbnb. Originally, I had been looking for a weekend escape for next week but really I was just looking at amazing homes out of my price range and dreaming about what it would be like to stay or live there.

Free walking tours

IMG_0734View of Zagreb Cathedral from Plato Grad. 

I don't know what rock I've been living under but I've only recently discovered free walking tours! For someone who is constantly trying to find ways to either budget or save money when traveling, it seriously baffles me that it's taken me this long.

Share the Wanderlust: The Wee Wanderer

P_20171007_132150_HDRSagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. 

It's been a while since I've posted a 'Share the Wanderlust' article because again, I've been a very bad blogger. But today's 'wanderluster' is someone who I actually met through Instagram who has an amazing story that I just had to share.